College Support Program

Our learning & life coaches work 1:1 with students who have a wide variety of strengths and needs.  Those who have received support services, are new to traditional schooling, or have been out of school for several years find our program especially beneficial.  We will help you build on your strengths, identify strategies, and meet your academic and personal goals!

In order to develop the relationship we so highly value, students will meet with the same learning & life coach each session.  We come to you either via video conferencing or in-person sessions on or near campus.  Our services are tailored to the needs of each student, helping to develop essential skills for college success.  These 50 minute sessions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing for college
    • application process
    • essay composition
    • summer bridge program (coming soon!)
  • Ensuring students access the resources they need to be successful
    • communication with faculty and other important campus offices (Accessibility Office, Registrar, Financial Services, Residential Life, Tutoring, etc.)
    • purchasing books and materials, including assistive technologies and alternative formats
    • communication with collateral contact as needed
    • connection to outside referrals
  • Advocating for students who received prior support 
    • explain and clarify student documentation, if needed
    • advocate for appropriate accommodations based on student documentation
    • assist with requesting and receiving accommodations, if applicable
    • attend meetings
  • Helping with course curriculum
    • clarifying professor and course expectations
    • working on assignments
    • study skills
    • reading and writing strategies
    • test preparation
    • syllabus review
    • identifying appropriate assistive technology
    • subject tutoring
  • Teaching executive function & self-regulation
    • time management
    • organization
    • prioritization
    • memory and concentration
    • professionalism
    • goal setting
    • short and long-term planning
  • Embracing wellness & self-regulation
    • social skills
    • boundaries
    • etiquette
    • impulse control
    • self-efficacy
    • self-advocacy
    • stress management
    • hygiene
    • social event and organization opportunities
  • Facilitating career exploration
    • online assessments
    • resume development
    • internship search

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