Gap Year Program

  • A gap year is a time for personal growth and self-exploration.  Symbiosis Learning Center offers students the opportunity to explore their interests, take a break and enrich the self and life experiences.  Students who take a gap year are revitalized and able to focus. They are more mature and motivated for what comes next.
  • This program guides students in developing life skills that will help them succeed no matter what path they choose.
  • We offer workshops and courses in time management, organization, self-advocacy, self-care, social skills, study skills, and much more.
  • We help with planning for college and teach strategies and skills for success in college.
  • Students who apply for college during their senior year of high school can defer enrollment for a year and have their place secured while they take time to learn the strategies and skills for success
  • Students who weren’t happy with the results of their college applications might choose to take a gap year to improve their test scores, develop a skill or reassess their list of target schools
  • Throughout our gap year program, we will support students who choose to take a few introductory college courses to explore their interests such as a new language, a new skill, a sense of purpose.  Areas of interest might include: animals, conservation, healthcare, human rights, film, game art, journalism, photography, or music.