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  1. I had the great privilege to work closely with Kristine and Nancy for one year (from 2017-18) as a learning specialist in the Student Achievement Program (SAP) at Mount Ida College. As the director of SAP, Kristine was my supervisor. In my short time at Mount Ida, I was struck by and grateful for Kristine’s strong leadership, mentorship, and modeling of evidence-based interventions with students with learning challenges. Nancy, for her part, was a senior member of the SAP team, a wise, trusted mentor to me during my adjustment to Mount Ida, and an exceptional learning coach and advocate for her students.

    What sets Kristine apart are her leadership style, her compassion for her students, and her conviction to improve accessibility for students with learning challenges. Kristine’s wide-ranging experience in higher education accessibility services gives her the competencies and vision needed to work impactfully with students as they gain self-efficacy and develop confidence in themselves as strategic, self-sufficient learners. Under Kristine’s leadership, I routinely tapped into her skills and resourcefulness to strategize the most effective student-centered steps for improving students’ short- and long-term success. Kristine has a unique ability to simultaneously challenge and support her students, and to encourage them to find laughter and wisdom in every aspect of their education, even the most challenging ones.

    One of Nancy’s most resounding professional traits is the depth and breadth of her knowledge as a holistic academic learning coach. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about learning disabilities, mental health conditions and how they impede learning, and effective interventions that foster both students’ short-term success and their long-term growth as intellectuals and self-advocates. In my work at Mount Ida, I aspired to match Nancy’s ability to systematically monitor and build her students’ academic capacities in a broad range of academic areas, including ones outside of Nancy’s own academic background.

    Nancy is a scholar who does exhaustive research to inform herself about learning differences and best-practice interventions. She treats her work as both a science and an art: she’s well-versed in the literature on learning and student development, but she’s also an expert at bringing her empathic personality to her work with students, relying on rapport to build students’ confidence and capacities. Armed with such a formidable blend of professional preparation and personal investment in her students, Nancy’s work is both highly effective and deeply meaningful for her students.

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  2. “Symbiosis helps students assimilate in the college environment. They assist students to be able to adapt and succeed at the college level and to be more knowledgeable and self-aware as productive individuals in society.”

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  3. If not for Kristine’s guidance and expertise my last years of school, it would have been difficult for me to get through my classes. She knows how to help students the right way and wants nothing but the most success for the people she works with.

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  4. Nancy and Kristine were a huge help to my son when he started college. He is more confident and feels like a successful college student. Nancy eased his anxiety and helped with organization skills, study skills, and writing. Nancy is a great Learning and Life Coach and wonderful friend. My son is very fortunate to have met two caring, honest, and amazing women who care about young adults that need a little extra help or push to achieve their dreams. Thanks again for all you do!!!!!

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  5. The program really helps me understand my work a lot better and gives me guides to do it effectively and get good grades.

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  6. Kristine and Nancy are so friendly and very helpful. I would be lost if I didn’t have this program.

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